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Mold Inspection: The Facts! National Restoration serves residents and business owners in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. We are experts at mold inspections and mold removal. In a previous article we explained why mold is a growing concern. One of the key recommendations, call National Restoration, 855-247-3786, to do a thorough inspection! The purpose […]

The Top Causes Of Fires! One of the core services that National Restoration offers to residents in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania is fire and smoke restoration. Our team has helped many home and business owners restore their properties after experiencing a fire or smoke event. National Restoration has so many satisfied customers (check out […]

Steps To Minimize Flood Damage and Tips To Avoid Health Hazards! The hurricane season has officially hit. This article has two goals. We list and explain the three steps you need to take to minimize flood damage. We give you flood advice to avoid health hazards. Need flood or water damage relief? Call National Restoration, […]

The Truth About Black Mold—And How You Can Stay Safe! Earlier this year, there was an article in the New York Post, NYCHA nightmare: Creeping black mold throughout her public housing apartment when the cops arrived. In the article, police arrived at the public housing apartment of 83-year-old Mary Ellison who was sick from the […]

4 Common Questions About Mold! National Restoration is pleased to launch our educational series of articles on Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, and Fire Damage Restoration. We look forward to serving consumers and business owners in Wilmington, Delaware & West Berlin, New Jersey and surrounding areas. The article below is the first in a series […]

If You Find Mold In Your Home or Business, DO NOT Panic, Call National Restoration! If you find mold in your home, church, school, day care center, store, office building, restaurant, or hotel DO NOT get stressed out or panic! Call National Restoration, 855-247-3786, For Immediate Mold Diagnosis and Plan! This article provides tips on […]

One of the most common questions we encounter from new and existing customers pertains to bleach and its use to kill mold. This is a valid question. Part of the problem is the Internet. With respect to mold removal, this myth is perpetuated. You should not use bleach to kill mold. This article explains why.

Top 10 Water Damage Questions & Answers! In the case of a flood or water damage emergency, call 855-247-3786. Water is a vital necessity for life. However, when it becomes uncontrolled, it will cause devastation. Whether your property has been damaged by a torrential downpour, a triggered sprinkler system or busted pipes, National Restoration specializes […]

Is Mold Growing In Your Home? One of the core services that National Restoration specializes in is mold removal. We are experts at mold removal and proudly serve consumers and business owners in Wilmington, Delaware & West Berlin, New Jersey and surrounding areas. Typically, we are called in when a home or business owner suspects […]